Human Resource Information System - HRIS

Hillcrest Solutions (Private) Limited maintains an online database for its employees. This online solutions is a software data entry, data tracking and information required for payroll management and accounting functions. 

This online database enhances management, reporting and analysis of employees information. 

HRIS provides employees with their salary status, employment details, weekly reports, monthly reports and cost breakup. The information is regularly updated and is also available for the client company to access the employee's performance.

Unique Features

  • Built upon industry leading technologies including PHP 7, Bootstrap 3 and HTML 5
  • Dynamic Security & Permissions Management
  • Group Based, User Based, Record Level Restrictions
  • Audit Trail for easy logging
  • Digital Signature System for better team responsibility
  • Enhanced Graphical User Interface
  • Excel like Filters, Search and user-defined search
  • IP and User Blocking
  • Import & Export To/From Excel and other Formats
  • Secure and robust infrastructure